I want to borrow...

12 months
12 months
60 months
rate 9.95%
rate 29.95%
Weekly Repayments $112
Monthly Repayments $484
Total Amount Repayable $5,808
The repayment amounts shown include Establishment and Introducer fees totalling $495 and a PPSR Fee of $8.05. These fees are examples only and they exclude ongoing fees. The actual fees charged may vary based on your circumstances and the chosen lender.

Find out more about fees here.

Bad Credit

Sometimes life throws a curveball or two and your credit rating can take a hit. The important thing is to deal with professionals who can: (a) getting finance approved at responsible rates and (b) getting back on the right track to get lending at mainstream rates.

We’ve had a lot of success getting client’s finance at reasonable rates where their credit rating is less than perfect. We’ve also worked with clients overtime to get a few things in order so that they can successfully apply for lending a little down the track.

Remember, every time a lender runs a credit report it is added to your rating. We have lenders that can help most customers.

If you’d like to check out your credit history, contact us and we’ll come back to you ASAP.


*Fixed interest rates for vehicle and personal loans range from 9.95% p.a. to a maximum of 29.95% p.a. on a minimum 12 month to a maximum 60-month loan term. The actual interest rate charged to you will depend on your circumstances, the type of lending required, the security provided, and is determined by the lender. 

Fees apply, including an establishment fee of up to $350 and an introducer fee of up to $995. Also, lenders may charge a PPSR fee of between $0 and $14. For example: On a loan of $5,000 over 12 months at 10.95% p.a. with Establishment and Introducer fees totalling $495 and a PPSR Fee of $7.39, the total amount to repay is $5,835.93 which is 12 monthly payments of $486.34. Those amounts don’t include ongoing fees, such as Service Fees, charged by the lender. You can find full fee information in the loan contract. We recommend that you check the fees before accepting the loan offer.

Approval is subject to meeting lending criteria, and affordability test applies. Our lender will independently assess whether you are eligible for a loan.

One hour application decision subject to affordability test, the applicant meeting the lending criteria and supplying all the required information to process the loan application.

Same day payout subject to the applicant meeting the above conditions and completing loan documentation by 12pm.